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How To Share Zip Doc PDF Apk Exe Files On Whatsapp

How to Send Any Type File On Whatsapp

Do you want to send Zip, Doc, Pdf, Apk, or Exe file on Whatsapp? This time, there is no feature available to send these types of files. You can only able to send Audio, Photos, Videos, Contacts, etc.. We can’t send anything apart from the mentioned to your friends and relatives using Whatsapp. But sometimes it’s very important to send some other files to our contacts and it’s long process to upload then somewhere else for sending, that time any messenger application is best. Well, don’t worry, we will guide to a method through which you can send any type file on Whatsapp app to anyone.

Whatsapp is the most popular social networking app which provides its services to all over world. Today every second person use Whatsapp on his/her android mobile. Whatsapp is best network to stay up to date with friends and office members. We cal also able to make Groups of specific persons to share anything or discussing with them. Whatsapp provided service to share Pictures, Videos, Contacts, Etc with friends and groups on whatsapp but it can’t provided any option to share Zip Doc Pdf Apk Exe files on whatsapp. So we feel that whatsapp is useless when we come to sharing any file like these. On Facebook we can share any type of file so Facebook is more useful than Whatsapp by this reason.


How Send Any Type File on Whatsapp

But today we are going to sharing a trick to send any type of file on Whatsapp. Yes it is possible to share zip dox pdf apk exe files on Whatsapp by our trick. So don’t feel that it is useless just for this reason. Here is a solution of Whatsapp all types file sharing problem. Now share any type of file on Whatsapp even it is zip or doc or apk anything, you can easily send them to anyone by this method. Try out this method and start sharing all types of files with friends and groups on Whatsapp.

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How To Share Zip, Doc, PDF, Apk, Exe Files On Whatsapp

1) First of all you have to download an app called “Dropbox“.


How to Send Zip File on Whatsapp

Download Dropbox

2) If you have already account on Dropbox then login or register new account if you don’t have.

3) Now you have to download another app called “CloudSend“.


How to Send PDF File on Whatsapp

Download CloudSend

4) Open CloudSend app and allow all permissions for which it asks to allow.

5) After allowing all permissions, one folder will automatically created named Cloudsend. Close the app after doing this.

6) Now select file which you want to send on whatsapp and click on share button. Pop up will appear on screen like picture given below.


How to Send Doc File on Whatsapp

7) You will see “CloudSend” option there, click on it.

8) Now wait until file will uploaded on cloudsend folder in dropbox. (Uploading time will depend on size of file).

9) Cloudsend could not show any type of error regarding to size of file, It will provide two options when file is successfully uploaded Copy & Share. Now you can copy or share link of file.

10) Click on Share button, now you will see list of apps where you want to share that link, You can share it on Gmail, Facebook, WeChat, Hike or Whatsapp. Simply choose Whatsapp option.


How to Send APK File on Whatsapp

11) You will see Whatsapp contacts list on screen, Select contact to whom you want to send the link and click on Send. You can also share that link to other friends also.

12) Done, Finally you successfully sent Pdf, Apk, Exe, Zip file on whatsapp.

Haven’t understood the text guide? Don’t worry, have a look at this video. It will show you another way to send any file on Whatsapp.

Video: How to Send Any File on Whatsapp

Final Words

So friends this is the trick/method to share zip, doc, pdf, apk and exe files on whatsapp. You can easily send any type of files on whatsapp easily by two apps that is Dropbox and CloudSend. So attach and send any type of files on Whatsapp by following out full step by step tutorial to send zip any type of file on Whatsapp. It is the easiest trick to share any type of file on Whatsapp for free.

Let me ask, isn’t it useful trick for every Whatsapp user? According to me, this is heaven for those who wants to send Zip, Doc, PDF, etc. files to anyone. This is the fasted and easiest way to this purpose. If you you any other way to this, from today on wards, you start using this trick I guess, as its cool. Still are you facing any issue? If Yes, feel free to comment below, I will reply you shortly and help you to send any type file on Whatsapp.

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