16 thoughts on “How To Create Whatsapp Account With USA Number (+1)”

  1. When is the new trick gonna be out… I really crave for it… There’s how my friend did his and he’s using American number to whatsapp… Can you drop your email so we can contact you?

  2. Hi,

    I am getting some scrap messages on whatsapp from 1 week from such USA numbers. It must be some known guy because he is addressing with my name. Each time I report it spam and next time, same type of messages I am getting with different US type numbers.

    Is there a way, I can find to which actual indian mobile number, these US numbers are mapped to.


  3. Any one help me .
    I want to signup USA whatsapp .
    Is this secure for business purposes.
    Any one guide me and if any one know the
    Paying USA whattsapp num . I’m very thinkful him

  4. This trick is not working for quite long time whatsapp is unable to verify number generated by textPlus app. Please fix this.


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