Top 20 Best Xposed Modules For Android

Every Android lover likes to try different Xposed Modules on his/her phone. Now you? Yeah!! If you are Android addicted. Best Xposed Modules boost your Android performance to a higher level. You can access lots of features which are not in-built in your mobile.

Top Xposed Modules 2020 can give new tweaks to your Android phone. It will access your device’s root permission and make changes to the internal features of your mobile. Most of the Android lovers use different types of Xposed Framework Modules. There are thousands of Best Xposed Modules for Android are available but not all of them are so cool. So I have decided to share some of the new Xposed Installer Modules for Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat  Jellybean versions through this post. You will get top 20 Xposed modules till the end of this article.

Download Top Xposed Modules from this article!! We are sharing New Xposed Framework Modules 2020 which were the working Xposed installer modules for Android devices. Let me ask have you every tried Top Xposed modules on your phone? If NO, then you are not aware of their features. If you are a customization lover, then I recommend you to must learn about Xposed and the features its modules can add to your mobile.  😀

Top Xposed Modules are the first Search for every newly rooted Android user. Yeah!! Android Geeks loves to try out different Xposed Modules on their phone. So, we have decided to share  Xposed Modules for Marshmallow, Lollipop & KitKat devices. Here, we are presenting Best Xposed Modules Framework for Android which was much popular in 2016 also.

Top Xposed Modules, seems good in reading, Right? Yeah!! If you are an Android lover then I am sure you have already installed so many modules on your Android phone and looking for more Best Xposed modules of 2020? If yes then you are in the right place. We already shared too many Android Tutorials and here is something special for Rooted Android users. Here I am going to sharing useful Xposed modules for Marshmallow, Kitkat & Lollipop devices.

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Many people love to install Custom ROMs on their devices to make there Android mobile different from others. I already shared best Build Prop tweaks collection for Android to boost your mobile performance. If you have installed Custom ROM on your device and wants to add more features to your Rooted Android then you must have to install top Xposed Modules in your phone.

Top Xposed Modules 2020

Best Xposed Modules 2020

To use Xposed modules on any Android device, you must have to install Xposed installer and have to activate Framework (Below I also provided all steps for it). There are thousands of Xposed Framework Modules available on Google, you can simply search and download any module from there. But we want to install Xposed Modules in our device, so In this article, I am going to providing Best Xposed Modules List, which every rooted android device must-have. So just install these upper listed Top 10 Xposed modules on your device and boost your Android’s appearance & performance both.

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How to Install Xposed Framework Modules?

It’s quite simple for Android geeks but if you have just rooted your device and don’t have enough knowledge about Xposed Modules, then here are the steps for you through, you can easily install any Xposed Framework on your phone.

1) Install Xposed Installer on your Android.

2) Download and Install your desired Module from the list below, we are providing all useful modules.

3) Check that Module in Xposed Framework menu and Tick Mark on it.

4) Reboot your device, Voila!! Done.

Else, you can check out our previous tutorial: How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Marshmallow.

Here are the best Xposed modules to make your Android device better than before, every Rooted android phone must have these Top 10 Xposed modules installed on it. Let’s install these Most Popular Xposed Module Frameworks today on your device if haven’t installed them yet.

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Best Xposed Modules For Marshmallow & Lollipop Android

1) Gravity Box – Best Xposed Modules Lollipop

Gravity Box is one of the Most Used Xposed modules for Android devices which is mainly designed for AOSP based ROMs. It is the best module for AOSP ROMs because most of the features of Gravity Box is designed as default in Cyanogen Mod ROMs. There are so many awesome tweaks available in Gravity Box which includes Lockscreen tweaks, Statusbar tweaks, Navigation bar tweaks, Power tweaks, Display tweaks, Phone tweaks, Media tweaks, and other so many cool tweaks. So it is alone is enough to cover so many cool tweaks on your Rooted Android device. Different Android versions have different APKs for Gravity Box, so I am providing links to download Gravity box for all Android versions including JellyBean, Lollipop, and KitKat.

Gravity Box Features

  • Lock screen tweaks
  • Display tweaks
  • QuickSettings tile management
  • Launcher tweaks
  • Notification control
  • Smart radio
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
  • Dialer tweaks
  • Screen recording
  • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
  • Media tweaks
  • Power tweaks
  • Hardware key actions
  • Status bar tweaks
Best Xposed Modules Lollipop

Download For JellyBean

Download For Lollipop

Download For KitKat

Know more info about it? Let have a look at this video by XDA which describes all about Gravity Box.

2) XuiMod – Best Xposed Modules Marshmallow

XuiMod is another best Xposed module of 2016 by which you can add awesome Mod in stock ROMs. It provides so many unique features collection of several Custom ROMs. XuiMod is the best module for people who installed stock ROM on their device and wants Custom ROM features without Flashing their ROM. And it is not only works on Stock ROM, if you are on a Custom ROM then also you are able to add more different features on your device with the help of XuiMod module. You can access different awesome features on different Custom ROMs by this module. Below I provided the download link for XuiMod module.

Best Xposed modules marshmallow

Download XuiMod

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3) Bright Lockscreen – Xposed Modules For Kitkat

Bright Lockscreen is the module to design your Lockscreen with an awesome interface. No one loves Android’s default Dark overlay of a Lock screen and there is no option in Android devices to change its appearance. So this is the best module to access this cool feature of any Android mobile. By the help of this module not only you are able to the dark overlay of Lockscreen, but also make it more clean and simple. So change your ugly dark overlay of the Lock screen and make it cool & simple with the help of this awesome module. Below is the download link to download this module.

Xposed Modules for KitKat

Download Bright Lockscreen

4) Flat Style Coloured Bars

Flat Style Coloured Bar is the best Xposed module of 2016 to design your Status and Navigation bars with cool colours. Our Android’s default features only provides Black colour in our Status & Navigation bars which looks so ugly, so we are able to create a new awesome look of your device by changing Status & Navigation bars default colour into different colours with the help of Flat style coloured bard module. It also provides more so many features to give a different style to our Status and Navigation bars. You can download this module from the link given below.

Best Xposed Modules

Download Flat Style Coloured Bars

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5) XPrivacy – Top Xposed Modules 2016

XPrivacy is so useful top Xposed module which every Android device must-have. It prevents our apps from leaking privacy-sensitive data. It is the best Xposed module to secure your all data from leaking by your apps installed on your device. For example, your Contacts and device location. If you can restrict access to your contacts and location, Xprivacy will send empty contact list to the apps installed on your device and show fake location to applications who need a location to work. So it is the best application to restrict access to your sensitive data from applications. You can download Xprivacy module from the link given below.

Top Xposed Modules 2016

Download Xprivacy

6) Greenify – Xposed Modules Download

Greenify makes your device cleaner by identifying and stopping the apps which are running in the background and they are no in any use on your device. It closes unnecessary apps which aren’t in use and helps in saving your device Battery. It has an automatic Hibernating feature which does works automatically to make your Android work smoother. First, you have to install Greenify app from Play Store, and after that Tick mark on its Module from Xposed Modules to make it work.

Xposed Modules Download

Download Greenify

7) Amplify Battery Extender

If your device’s battery is draining too quickly and you are irritated with it, this one is the best Xposed Module for your Android. After updating our device to a newer Android version like Lollipop, Marshmallow, out device battery drains out so quickly. In the above Module, we shared Greenify which also saves your Battery life, but if you want maximum profit for your Battery life, then I recommend to use Amplify + Greenify both on your phone. Amplify is the app which takes care of Wakelocks. Some apps prevent our device to entering into a deep sleep and that’s why, when we charge our Android fully and leave it for an hour, what we check, its Battery is just 50% remaining. WTF!! Where is 50% battery without using anything? So, Amplify allows us to stop those apps working while our mobile is in deep sleep. You can download this app from the Play store.

Must-Have Xposed Modules

Amplify Battery Extender

Know more features with the video below. It describes everything about Amplify.

8) SwipeBack – Best Xposed Modules 2016

SwipeBack allows you to go to your previous screen without pressing the Back button on your device. It’s easier on Big Screen devices interface easier to navigate. It handles your Back button feature and whenever you want to go back just Swipe your screen Left-to-right and you have reached to back screen. Means it replaces your Back button. Well, as we found it cause problems in the apps which already have Swipe feature in it, so we recommend to Turn it Off in that type apps. All you have to do is, Download the Module from below link, Install it and Activate in Xposed.

Best Xposed Modules 2016

Download SwipeBack Xposed Module

9) BootManager – Best Xposed Installer Modules

Some apps make their settings to open automatically and whenever we Restart our device, out Boot takes much time because of that type apps. Even they waste our Battery power too by running themselves in background. You can avoid this with BootManager. All you have to do is, select the apps which you don’t want to start automatically and reboot your device, Done. It quit apps until there is no need for them, so it also helps in saving your battery life. You can download it for free from the Play store.

Top Xposed Modules 2015

Download BootManager

10) Awesome Pop-Up Video

It is one of the best Xposed modules for Marshmallow, Kitkat & Lollipop Android phones. As you can read its name, it has the best feature for people who wants to do multi-tasks at the same time on their devices. It enables you to play Video in the Pop-up window while you are doing any other work on your phone. It also suggests videos to you and you can also use it on YouTube App to watch YouTube videos while you are using any other application. For this, you have to open Video, click on Share and choose Awesome Pop-up video from the list and done. Download it for free from Play store.


Download Awesome Pop-up Video

11) App Settings – Xposed Modules

As you can check its name, it’s the Master of all Apps settings, installed in your device. It will show you all settings of each and every app, such as the language, what permissions they require, what is the DPI for rendering and many more, you can change those values on a per-app basis. More settings which you can change using this module are Font Scale, Hide Title Bar, DPI & Reported Screen Size, Notification Priority, Disable Full-Screen Keyboard Input, Keep Screen On While App Is Visible, etc.. You can download this module in a single click from the link below.

Xposed Modules

Download App Settings

12) Xblast Tools – Best Xposed Module

Xblast tools are the best Xposed Module for Customization lovers. It allows you to change colours of different indicators in your device. Using this Xposed Module, you can choose Custom colours for WiFi Signals, Network Signals, Keyboard Backgrounds, Battery, Clock, and others. You can make your Android colourful with the Xblast module. Let’s download it from the link below and try out.

Cool Xposed Modules

Download Xblast Tools

13) YouTube AdAway

Do you love to watch videos on YouTube? Then this one is best for you. What this Xposed framework module can do is, it ignores all unwanted ads, notices, download requests, update requests and all while watching videos. Totally you will get rid of all types of Ads when you are using YouTube with the help of this module.

14) Wi-Fi Pwd

This module helps you in remembering passwords of all the WiFi networks which you have connected with your Android. After installing this, you are free from the pressure of remembering the passwords of WiFi networks stores in your mobile.

15) Physical Button Music Control

After installing this module, you can control the music player of your mobile with the camera and the volume buttons. No need to do the effort for opening the Music app again and again.

16) NotifyClean

No one likes to see their Notification bar full with lots of unwanted notifications. Right? Okay, then let me introduce NotifyClean module with you. It helps to clean up all the notifications in the Notification bar with a simple and a quick tap. No need to get irritated about how many notifications popping up in the bar!

17) Xposed Torch: Physical Button

When you are in any dark place, your mobile torch helps a lot. There is an awesome module which can make this work easier. Now, no need to touch your phone screen for opening Flashlight. Long press your Volume up or Home button to turn ON and OFF your device Torch using this module.

Video: Top 10 Xposed Modules

These are the Top 10 Xposed modules of 2020 which every Android device must-have. From the thousands of Xposed modules, I selected and mentioned the best of the Year for your android mobile by which you are able to give new look to your device. Check one by one each and every Xposed Module and be different from other Android users. 😀 I already checked all of them in my device is Yeah!! they are AWESOME for me.

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Xposed modules couldn’t damage your android mobile as they are fully safe, and by these Xposed modules download, you can make your Android phone better as compared to other normal rooted smartphones. I hope my article is helpful to you. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to comment below. Stay updated and comment below if you want more Useful  Xposed Modules for Lollipop, Kitkat & Marshmallow Devices.

So, have you checked out above Top 10 Xposed Modules? If not, what are you waiting for, download and install these Best Xposed Framework Modules on your Android? You can see the changes in your phone after using different Xposed Frameworks. We have shared Top Xposed Modules for Marshmallow, Lollipop & KitKat devices. And yes, these are the best ever Xposed Modules of all time.

Final Words

If you haven’t used Xposed ever on your mobile and now going to try it. Best Of Luck!! You will know its amazing features after installing best xposed modules from the list we have provided above. And I am sure you don’t want to remove them after using once! Still, are you facing any problems? Feel free to comment on your issue in the below section. We will try our best to solve your query. I don’t think you will get any difficulties in applying these modules, you just have to install and Allow them from Xposed Installer app then reboot your device. That’s it. Isn’t it so simple? So what are you waiting for? Try my shared new Xposed Modules and give a new tweak to your Android phone.

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