GB Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version for Android

GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version for Android, this is what you are looking for. Am I right? Yes, I am 100% sure. GBWhatsapp is an alternate of official Whatsapp which you are using right now on your mobile. It is very interesting and popular app for Android devices as compared to official app. What makes it more famous is, It have lots of cool tweaks and mods which are not available in any other versions of Whatsapp. What cool things you can do in GB Whatsapp App? Aha! Start listening, one of the main purpose which makes it most useful is that you can run two Whatsapp accounts in single phone using it. You can Hide your last seen, Message seen tick, Online status, Read messages without being online and much more features are available in this app. From where to download GBWhatapp latest version? Well, you don’t need to get worried about it because we shared direct link for you through which you will get this app on your phone in single click.

GB Whatsapp works well in both rooted and non rooted Android phones. So, there is no risk of damaging your mobile. Nowadays, it added lots of more awesome features like now you can Send Bank messages to your contacts on Whatsapp and much more. Whatsapp has recently launched stories feature in their app which is annoying for many people, you can even disable that feature. You can customize your GBWhatsapp with the help of GbMods. Well, don’t worry, in below section we have listed all the new and old features of this app. After each update, Gb Whatsapp get released with atleat one extra feature that’s why all of its users loves stay on updated version. In GBWhatsapp Apk, you can do all the things which you are using on original Whatsapp + it has too many special features which makes you addicted to it. One plus point of this app is that it’s getting regular updates as same like official Whatsapp, so don’t think this is outdated application and you will not be able to get new Whatsapp features on it.

If you are Whatsapp addicted then GB Whatsapp Apk is very special for you. And may also like Whatsapp Groups Invite Links collection. Many people are using it already and they are aware with its benefits. Now you are thinking why they will read this article if they are already using.. right? Hmm, Let you know as I already told in above paragraph that they launch their new version after very short time. So people visit internet to download GB Whatsapp latest version for Android. That’s why I told about those peoples. If you haven’t used it ever then it’s your time to do something new with GB Whatsapp cool features. Many people thinks is it same as like official Whatsapp app? How it works? Is it free or paid? and blah blah.. let me answer them all. Yes, it works same as like official app but it some more tabs to enable its features and it’s free, you don’t have to sent a single penny for it. So, enjoy! You can download it now from below and install it same like other apps in your device.

Many people installs App Lockers in their device just to lock Whatsapp App to hide its access from friends and family members.  😛 But, let you know there is a inbuilt lock in GBWhatsapp so you don’t need to download any third party app to secure your Whatsapp with lock. Isn’t it coolest feature? I hope Yes. If you don’t like GbWhatsapp‘s default design, you can customize it with lots of mod themes and get rid of that Green ugly Whatsapp default theme. You can design and use it according to your need. We all knows these types of cool features are impossible to get on official Whatsapp then why we shouldn’t go for this one? It is 100 times more useful than original one. You may also like Whatsapp Dares for Girlfriend to chill out.  😉

If you are new to GBWhatsapp and using it for the first time, you don’t need to worry about anything. We are going to share complete guide in this post regarding to How to download and install GBWhatsapp apk on Android mobile. We will describe each and every steps with the help of screenshots which you need to follow for installing it on your device. In past few years there are lots of versions are released by GBWhatsapp which are improved generation after generation and the latest one is fulfill with all the features which aren’t available on previous versions. So, we are going to share GBWhatsapp Latest Version Apk and some previous versions too, just to notify you about which version apks are recently launched by them and which one is latest.


GbWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version for Android

Download GBWhatsapp latest version for free, but from where? This question appears in your mind when you tries to search for it on Google Play Store and you are unable to find any such application there. But, let you know any kind of MOD Apps are not available on play store because they violates Google’s policies. That’s why you have to search for it on Internet rather then on any App market. But, on internet too there are hundreds of websites will be appeared in search results. Now, how to identify which one is providing original content and which one is just trying to get traffic on their site. There are large number of links available on internet for downloading GBWhatsapp for Android but most of the sites from them are not getting updates from months and they haven’t updated GBWhatsapp Latest Version. After getting these type of results from first 2-3 websites, people thinks there is no source to get updated GBWhatsapp version. Well, you are wrong! some sites are not getting regular updates but not all. Like for example, we are updating this article whenever any new version of GBWhatsapp get released.

GBWhatsapp is not only so popular because of its features but also because you can use it as second Whatsapp on same phone. Yeah, it’s different then original Whatsapp app. You can use two Whatsapp accounts, one in official application and second on GBWhatsapp Mod Apk. So, if you are also looking for such trick to use its dual accounts on one device then this app will complete your wish. There is no other Whatsapp Mod can compete with GBWhatsapp as it have bunch of features. You will get to know about each and every feature after installing and using it personally on your phone. If you want its users feedback, then let you know I am using it from 1 year personally and still I love it more than any other Whatsapp mods, not even official app.

Now, I don’t want to waste your more time and lets come to the main point. We are discussing to download GBWhatsapp free latest version, right? Okay, then I don’t need to answer you anything as I already answered your all queries in my starting paragraphs. Now, this is the time to know about some of the main GBWhatsapp features and after it I am going to tell you the few steps to download and install it on your device. Well, it’s same like normal apps so I am not going to deep into the steps. My main motive is to only provide you GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version.

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk

We all are familiar with GBWhatsapp features. In simple words, you can say it’s the father of features as compared to original Whatsapp app and that makes it more special than any other Whatsapp Mods. Now, let me tell you one by one some of its main features which you should know before downloading it.


GBWhatsApp Apk

  • You can use two Whatsapp accounts on same device using it.
  • Hide last seen.
  • Hide Blue tick.
  • Show Whatsapp status always Online even if you are offline.
  • Hide your Last seen.
  • Media preview without downloading.
  • Hide Messages Seen tick after reading message.
  • Customize Ticks/Bubbles Style according to your need.
  • Select Theme according to your wish.
  • Send Blank Messages to your contacts.
  • Change Notification Bar color.
  • Send Big Media files.
  • Copy two or more Whatapp messages without copying date & time.
  • Lock your Whatsapp without any third party app.
  • Customize according to your need.
  • Customize Status and Navigation bar as per your wish.
  • Disable Stories feature.
  • Select and send 90 images at once instead of 10 images.
  • Share Docs files.
  • Send Gif Images on Whatsapp
  • Add up to 600 members in a Whatsapp group instead of 256.
  • Increase limit of Status to 255 characters instead of 139 characters.
  • Send Video files of more than 16MB.
  • Copy any particular text instead of whole messages.
  • Change the App Icon from the settings.
  • Click on Links from chat screen without saving sender number.

These were the some of the features of this app, you can explore tons of more benefits of using gbwhatsapp apk after installing and using it personally. But, the features we have listed above are damn awesome and I am sure there is no alternative of gbwhatsapp app which provides these features. Let,s come on how to download gbwhatsapp apk for free and install it in your device.

How to Download GBWhatsapp Apk in Android

GBWhatsapp is the most popular app in all Whatsapp Mods. Many of the mods are patched by Whatsapp, but still gbwhatsapp apk is working fine. It is fulfill with tons of features which works fine on all Android phones. In additional, you can also you this app for the purpose of using two Whatsapp in same mobile. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s download gbwhatsapp apk in your Android and enjoy its cool features.

One of the major problem every person will face while downloading gbwhatsapp for the first time is that they are unable to find working download link for GBWhatsapp, most of the sites have dead links which are not getting update from months and the file is deleted from server. This is the common problem which you all will face while searching for it for the first time. But, when you will find any updated site, you can easily visit same site again to download gbwhatsapp apk latest version without any issue. Even, you can bookmark this page for getting latest GBWhatsapp apk download link. We will update our article on regular interval and whenever it needs to add something new in it. It’s the time to describe you whole process to install gbwhatsapp on any Android.

  • First of all, download GBWhatsapp mod apk latest version from below link:

Download GbWhatsapp Apk 5.50 Latest Version

Download GBWhatsapp

  • Now, install it in your phone same like other apps.
gbwhatsapp apk

GBWhatsapp Apk

If you are using new phone, make sure you have allowed installation of apps from unknown sources from Settings.


Allow Installation of App from Unknown Sources

  • After installation, click on Open button.

GBWhatapp Apk Download

  • Enter your Mobile number and Verify it via OTP. (It will auto verify if that Sim card is inserted in same phone)

Download GBWhatapp Latest Version

  • GBWhatsapp is ready to use on your device.

GbWhatapp Apk Download

Voila!! enjoy, you are gbwhatapp apk user now. Get rid of that old Whatsapp green look, now you can customize GbWhatsapp with cool themes according to your wish.

Have a look at GbWhatsapp features which you can access after installing it:


Gb Whatsapp Apk Features

GBWhatsapp for iOS?


GB Whatsapp for iOS

Many iOS users also search for GBWhatsapp for iPhone but they will be disappointed there is no gbwhatsapp mod is available for iOS. This is because of their high security due to which you can’t even download anything from external source. Their main purpose is increasing their security, so normal people don’t likes to buy iPhone instead of it they tries to buy any worthy Android phone. But, if you any Android phone too, then you can enjoy gbwhatsapp apk‘s cool features on it. So, what are you waiting for? In above section we have provided you a cool explained tutorial for you which will teach you each and every steps to download and install gbwhatsapp on any Android device.

If you wish to use GBWhatsapp in PC, then you can do this easily with the help of any Android Emulator to computer. Bluestacks is one of the most popular emulator for PC users to run Android apps. Search in Google for more information about it. Our motive is only to provide GBWhatsapp Apk for Android, which we have already provided in above part.


So, this was the complete guide which helps you to download gbWhatsapp apk latest version for free without any issue. I am sure you was disappointed when you opened first 2-3 websites while searching for GBWhatsapp latest version on internet because of their poor service. Most of the websites are not updated and provided very old version of GbWhatsapp. Well, don’t worry in our case, we will try our best to satisfy our readers. That’s why we are always updated to every new features. If you enjoyed this app, tell your friends too to try Gbwhatsapp mod apk on their phone and make some fun with GbWhatsapp’s cool features which they gad never got on official Whatsapp. To stay up to date with us, you can bookmark this page. We will provide you latest version to our readers.

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